How To Transfer Your Data From Your Old Smartphone to Samsung Galaxy
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How To Transfer Your Data From Your Old Smartphone to Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy S4 is still the best Samsung Galaxy out there and as such shipment is rising by  the day. It is not surprising seeing the specifications of the device.
Having purchased a new Samsung Galaxy S4, you would need to transfer your data from the old smartphone to the new one. To achieve this task, just follow these steps.

1. Backup your data for any of the old smartphone you have on your computer by plugging your phone to the computer

2. Download Samsung Smart switch program here and launch it.

3. Click on Agree at the prompt.

4. Connect your Samsung Galaxy device to the computer.

5. Select the previous backup of your old phone you made.

6.  Choose the content you want to transfer to your new Samsung Galaxy and press the transfer button.

7. All selected contents would be transferred immediately.

8. Disconnect device and you are ready to use your device with all your old data

If you are having difficulty in meeting the requirements or still backing up and transferring, you can see the post in this link 

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