How To Open a GTBank Account on Your Phone With Etisalat
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How To Open a GTBank Account on Your Phone With Etisalat

You must have been informed that you can do a lot of things with GTBank Account without even going to bank or standing on a queue. Things like Recharging Airtime and Transferring of funds to GTBank or all other banks in Nigeria. Yes, these things can be done on your phone. But you may not be interested, may be because you are not yet banking with Guaranty Trust Bank.
Do you know you can open a GTBank Account with your phone on Etisalat network? Let me show you how it works and you will see it's as easy as ABC. 

Opening a GTBank account just got a lot easier. 
  • First, Simply dial *737*0# on any phone on the Etisalat network to open an account. (This account can be opened by any Etisalat subscriber who does not currently own a GTBank account).
  • A notification message will inform you to "proceed to open account with SIM details", reply YES. Then you will receive a response that "Your request is being processed and your account number will be communicated to you shortly" 
  • After that you will receive a message in your inbox that says "Dear customer your GTBank Account number is **********."(That 10 digits is your GTBank account number)
  • Next: Visit any GTBank branch or GTExpress outlets to fund your account and collect your master card ATM. 
You can also use your "phone number" as your account number, but you will need to get to GTBank branches, GTExpress outlets or Etisalat Experience Centers. 

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