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Hello folks, one of the things that can be very annoying is when you try to download apps from iTunes or App Store and it asks you for your apple account details and  you don't have one. So, you try to register a new account from your device and it tells you to enter your credit card details. Usually, there is no problem with that. However, when you enter the details, it doesn't allow you to go further. it says your card details can't be used.
It is very frustrating to be in this situation.
Another weird moment is when you update your iOS to a higher version and you are required to enter you Apple ID or register and it won't just allow you.
Your best bet is to already have an Apple ID instead of trying to register on your device.

Below is a step by step method to getting your account registered with Apple via iTunes


1. Download iTunes and install if you don't have it installed on your computer.
2. Once iTunes is downloaded, lunch it. Click on iTunes Store located at the left side of the iTunes interface
3. Scroll down the page, you will find at the bottom right side of the page a flag. click on it to change the country store you want to operate with. The default is US.
4. Click on any free app and try downloading it. iTunes will present you with a dialogue box in which you can register a new account. 
5. iTunes will present you with an agreement page. Accept and click Continue
6. Put in your details and select or click on "NONE" where you have different credit card logos
7. Proceed to entering all your other details as asked to.
8. At the end of entering all your info, click continue.
9. iTunes will present you with a screen saying that your account have been set up and a link have been sent to the email you registered with
10. Check your email and then confirm the link Apple sent to you and you will no have a new Apple ID
11. Try out your new ID by entering it when you try to purchase or download an app.

 That is it folks. Hope this works for you.

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