Configure Your Google Account To Delete Automatically After You Die
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Configure Your Google Account To Delete Automatically After You Die

We are in a age where information is the other of the day. Exchange of emails is even more rapid than ever. Information stored on all these emails are huge. 

Credit card transactions, meeting, social media alerts, etc all have a way of connecting and sendig information to one's email. This is why access to the email is very restricted.

Death is inevitable to all. What happens when the owner of a particular email dies? Information will still continue to be sent to that email account non-stop therefore, Google came up with an idea.

This idea gives you the power to tell your Google account to behave in a certain way when you die.

You can set it to self - destruct if you don't access it in 6 months, 1 year etc.
This affects all of your Google apps, like Google+, Mail, Calender etc

To learn how to activate this feature, click here

I think it is an excellent and cool feature. Although, I know you all have some questions like,  if indeed an account is set to delete automatically, will it still be in Google's archive/server? Can it be re-activated with all data intact? 

Well more about this feature will come out. Stay tuned for more news and info

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