Google Search App v2.5.0: a Siri rival,new improved search app
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Google Search App v2.5.0: a Siri rival,new improved search app

So many people using apple devices have been looking to have Siri on their devices; especially those with pre-iPhone 4S. Some have even started saving for iPhone 4s because of Siri.
The thing is, there are lots of Siri alternatives out there whether in the Apple AppStore or via the Cydia store for jailbroken devices.
However, there is a particular one that can be installed one most idevices that is as capable as Siri.
It will give Siri a big run for its money as it is very efficient. In fact, it is not an alternative; its in its own class. The name of this app is Google Search v2.5.0 designed by Google. You can't really expect anything less satisfactory from google.

1. It has a siri-like voice
2. Searches are displayed as you search or dictate with instant result
3. It's smart and you can ask it anything you like
4. Maps and videos are displayed right there within the app.
5. All other google services like Doc, news, gmail etc integrated within the app for easy accessibility.
6. You can take a picture through it and find similar images of the picture you took on the web.

Below you will find screen shots of the app in use

This Google Search app is a powerhouse. You can find it at the Apple App Store and its Free! just like the earlier versions of it. Go and download this app and give me a feed back on what you think about it.

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