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Recently, Apple released iOS 6 with its own mapping system, ditching Google maps that had been on their devices since 2007. The map app was a flop and many people have condemned it.
Google have offered online map via their online page to help the victims of iOS 6 map issue.
Earlier this year, Nokia said it was going to release a powerful map app called "here" for iOS and just yesterday the company dropped the app into the Apple App Store for download.
The app is available for free and it's very light (3MB). Its very polished and slick
The features this mapping app is embedded with are great. With these features, it could be really difficult to miss Google maps. Take a look at the pictures below, you can save a map area and it will be available later for offline view. You can also view in satellite mode or street mode, you can take directions, search for places and a whole lot more. For those in Nigeria, Nokia apps is very detailed and it would be of great benefit as sometimes google map could give less correct information.
Just head to the App Store and try this app out and give a feed back as to what you think about it.
Although, personally, I think it is not perfect yet but with future updates coming out frequently, it could be a boisterous rival to the big G's mapping platform.

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