Google Maps For iPhone 5 and iOS6
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Google Maps For iPhone 5 and iOS6

Finally, the long wait to enjoy excellent and accurate maps on iPhone 5 and iOS 6 is now over.
The big G has finally released their popular Google maps for iPhone 5 and iOS 6 devices.
This can be downloaded from the App Store and it's of course free.
Since the removal of Google maps from iOS 6 by Apple and replaced with its own offering, there had been criticism from every side due to inaccurate destination that it provides.
Well, finally, those on iOS 6 and iPhone 5 can now enjoy accurate and well established mapping app of Google Maps.
It's features are as awesome as you would expect from the big G mapping app.
It has voice guided navigation
Turn by turn navigation
Local Search
Street view
Transit view and more

The truth is, no matter how much Apple try to polish their Map app, it won't be as robust and reliable as the Google maps.

So, head over to the App Store and get yourself the Google maps that will take you to your destinations safely.
It's only available for iPhone at the moment and will be available for iPad users soon.
Download here

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