New YouTube Update Supports Multitasking
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New YouTube Update Supports Multitasking

YouTube recently updated their app for both Android and iOS to versions 5.0 and 2.0 respectively. 

This new update brings a new very important feature to the table. This new feature allows one to watch a video and in the process search for another video to watch.

This new multitasking feature is almost like having a split screen, where one screen play the present video being watched and the one below gives you the option to search for playlist or view comments to currently playing video.

Alternatively, you could move the screen of the present video below in one corner and then search for videos at the top part of the screen. At any point, you could move the presently playing video to any part of the screen or make it full screen by turning your device horizontally.

Furthermore, when your search results are returned, you can click on the "play all" button to play all the videos in the search result. Isn't this awesome?

YouTube user experience is getting better for every update released and Android and iOS users are really loving it. However, Windows Phone users won't have this same experience as there is still issues between Google and Microsoft that is making Google block Windows Phone devices from enjoying the latest YouTube experience.

You can download or update your YouTube app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store as needed by your device.

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