Samsung Galaxy A5 vs Samsung Galaxy Alpha - What to Expect in 2015
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Samsung Galaxy A5 vs Samsung Galaxy Alpha - What to Expect in 2015

Samsung is reportedly discontinuing its first metal smartphone, the Galaxy Alpha, just a few short months after it was introduced, according to a new report from the Korean news source ET News (via The Verge).
The Galaxy Alpha, which was officially unveiled in August, comes with brushed aluminum metal edges that look similar to those on the iPhone 5 and 5s.
It's one of Samsung's best-looking phones yet, but the company will supposedly axe the Alpha in favor of its recently announced Galaxy A5.
The A5 looks a lot like the Galaxy Alpha but is a bit thinner. In fact, Samsung says the Galaxy A5 is the company's slimmest phone yet at 6.7 millimeters. That's also thinner than the iPhone 6, which is 6.9mm.
Samsung's Galaxy A5 launched in China in November, but it will supposedly be coming to South Korea in January. There's no word on whether the Galaxy A5 will be released in the US or any other markets just yet.
AT&T is the only carrier in the US offering the Galaxy Alpha, but it is unclear exactly when and if it will stop selling it if ET News' report proves to be true.

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