Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Specs Revealed
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Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Specs Revealed

Galaxy Gear Smartwatch is that wrist watch that Samsung is going to reveal alongside Galaxy Note III come September 4th 2013 at the Samsung Unpacked Event.

Up until now, we do not know what specs and features to expect from Galaxy Gear but thanks to GigaOM, we now have some information on the specs of the First Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch.
From the info from GigaOM, the watch would have a touch screen 2.5 inch OLED display, a dual core processor for great performance with a sufficient up-to-the-task battery to power the device.

Furthermore, the Galaxy Gear will have a Bluetooth 4.0 hardware built-in with sensors including accelerometer. Obviously, with the help of a Bluetooth earpiece one can communicate with this device, initial calls,set alarms etc. 

The Korean company isn't stopping there yet. 

There would also be a camera and speaker support built into the strap of the watch. It is assumed that the device would be running on Android Jelly Bean and can be seamlessly connected to any Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

This is an excellent device no doubt and would to an extent make a statement to Apple to being on their iWatch to rival theirs.

As far as Apple iWatch goes, a team of not less than 100 engineers are working seriously to make the iWatch a reality and most just have to be really good when it arrives or else, Samsung fans won't take Apple fans off the hook so easily.

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