AppSync Now iOS6.1 Compatible and Stable
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AppSync Now iOS6.1 Compatible and Stable

Since evasi0n jailbreak tool lauinch, it was said not less than 2 million hits have been recorded on Cydia.
There are many reasons to jailbreak an iDevice and one of them is to install cracked apps with the help of AppSync. However, AppSync have caused various issues for those that had it on their devices due to compatibility issues. This have been resolved and now AppSync is once more compatible and not causing weather app issue or shrinking screen issues.

To get this new AppSync, follow these steps

Step 1
Jailbreak your device on iOS 6.1 untethered obviously.

Step 2
Launch Cydia, go to Manage>Sources then click Edit at the top right corner of the screen, followed by Add at the top-left corner of the screen.

Step 3
Add into the space provided and then click on Add Source. Once done, sources would  be downloaded into your device.

Step 4
Go to the GDeluxe Repo and click on it. You will see "AppSync for iOS 6.x" click on it and then install

Step 5
Once done, reboot your device and then you will have a good and compatible AppSync for your iOS 6.x device already installed.

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