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Purchasing an iPhone is not cheap and not always easy. Some people have to queue up for minutes and hours just to buy their phones while some just pay Fedex to ship it to them. Whichever way you got your device, am sure you worked hard for it and it will be very painful if someone stole it or you misplaced it.
The good news is that all hope isn't lost if you misplaced your device or someone stole it.
Apple has a software called Find My iPhone, which does a very good job in retrieving and wiping devices amongst other features. However, sometimes, Find My iPhone just won't work when you go to to find your device and this is even more true when your device is jailbroken.
If your device is jailbroken, you wont be able to wipe your device remotely and some features may not even work at all.
So, with all these issues with Apple's security and tracking software, what options are available out there especially for jailbroken devices?

Well, below is a list of Find My iPhone alternative apps that you can find through Cydia and App Store. i have tried and used some for a while.

1. iTracker: This software is great an very useful. you can find it via the Cydia store if your device is jailbroken. This app is powerful and it is an AntiLost and Tracking app for iPhone. Its not free though except you download a cracked version from sinfuliphone repo.

2. iGotYa: This is another powerful tracking and anti theft app. Its more simple than the previous one. it allows you to take pictures of the thief secretly if you have front camera and also get the location of your phone. You will need to protect your device with an unlock code and iGotYa will do the rest. Also, the user can gain access into the phone or device even if the wrong passcode was entered but all your data (SMS, Call History etc) will be inaccessible.
The reason for the app allowing the thief to gain access is to discourage the thief from wiping and reloading the device.
you can find this app from Cydia
3. Cylay: This app is my favorite of all the tracking and anti theft app have used. Very simple and works flawlessly. It is the first anti-theft and security iPhone software in the world. It supports real time locating,locking and tracking of your device. This software is on Cydia and its free to download with 30 days trial and just $20 for a year.

4. ServiceMonitor: This is also an online mobile monitoring app. you can remotely destroy/wipe your phone, force it to ring (even if on vibrate), lock the screen, track and map the phone's location at regular intervals.
You can download the free trial if you need it.

5. iHound: Wonderful application. A close relation of Apple's Find My iPhone. It tracks and protect your data too. You can use this app to track and locate your device if stolen. It sends your phone's location to iHound servers every 10 minutes by default. This timing can be changed if you like.
Its a great app and you should try it out. Subscription is mandatory if you really want to enjoy this app.

There it is folks, a short list of Tracking and Anti-Theft Find My iPhone alternative apps. Its not advisable to have all these apps installed on one device as they will consume a lot of RAM, battery power and also data since they have to constantly connect to a remote server, internet etc.
Try out all you can and stick with the best and delete the remaining you don't really fancy.

If you know of any other ones that are great, please share and lets know about it.

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