How To Catch a blackberry thief
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How To Catch a blackberry thief

How to Locate your blackberry phone with Blackberry Protect
1. Go to this link and register for your blackberry ID if you don't have one already
2. Download Blackberry protect from the App World on your device and then follow instructions to activate it.
3.If you are asked for a Blackberry ID, use the one you just registered in step one
4. To locate your device, visit here on a PC or on a Phone and log in using your Blackberry ID.
5. Once you log in, your phone details will be displayed as shown below
6. Click on View Location and wait for it to get your location
7.  Once it has gotten your location, "Located" will be displayed to you

According to the image below, location is 16m accurate.
Consequently, if the thief was able to leave the venue you can know its location and find him. SInce blackberry PIN don't change, you will always be able to find the thief.

If you desire to lock or wipe the device, you can equally click on "Lock Device" or "Wipe Device"
At least none of your data will be visible to the thief.

One good feature of this app is that if your device is put on silent or switched off  (Full Power Off), you can use the play sound option to make the device play sound loud and clear.
If its on silent it will play out loud. If its switched off, once its switched back on, it will play the sound right away.
If the battery was pulled out, once its back in and the device is on, the sound will also play out loud.
Consequently, if the thief is still around the area it was stolen or in the room, you will get him or her

It is usually advisable to use a strong password when setting your blackberry ID so that another person doesn't gain access to the device and change your account.

Finally, you can decide to threaten the thief with a message that will pop up on the phone even when locked or you can just send your contact details that will display on the phone; and maybe a good Samaritan saw it for you.

Which ever method you use, you will surely pin down that thief. and if not stolen, just lost, you will find it.

I hope you insure your device just in case the unforeseeable circumstance arises.  

Blackberry protect is quite good but it is not supported on all RIM devices and also do not work if you are on BES. Only works on BIS

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