How To Track Your Stolen Or Lost Blackberry
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How To Track Your Stolen Or Lost Blackberry

Right after making a post on locating iPhone devices, many other of my friends started asking for something similar for blackberry. So, I decided to do more research and you will find below the outcome of my research for blackberry users.

There are not so many apps that enable you to track your blackberry phone. However, there are quite a few that stands out and do a pretty good job in locating your phone if stolen. These apps are:

1. Bak2u
This app is very comprehensive and powerful. To get this app, you will have to open the webpage from your phone and fill a form at the bottom of the page. Once you fill the form, you can then download. After downloading, run the app and grant it access. You will be asked to set a password for it.
After all these, go to your home screen and you will find the app there: phonebak

Features of phoneBAK

2. Blackberry Protect
This is a native blackberry app developed by RIM. For some older devices, it may not come pre-installed while for some, it is installed.
To know if you have it, go to Home Screen, Applications folder, Blackberry Protect.
If you don't have it already, go to  App World and search for Blackberry Protect; its free or go to!
You will need to create a Blackberry ID before you can use this app

Features of Blackberry Protect

How to Locate your blackberry phone with Blackberry Protect
1. Go to this link and register for your blackberry ID if you don't have one already
2. Download Blackberry protect from the App World on your device and then follow instructions to activate it.
3.If you are asked for a Blackberry ID, use the one you just registered in step one
4. To locate your device, visit here on a PC or on a Phone and log in using your Blackberry ID.
5. Once you log in, your phone details will be displayed as shown below
6. Click on View Location and wait for it to get your location
7.  Once it has gotten your location, "Located" will be displayed to you

According to the image below, location is 16m accurate.
If you desire to lock or wipe the device, you can equally click on "Lock Device" or "Wipe Device"

Blackberry protect is quite good but it is not supported on all RIM devices and also do not work if you are on BES. Only works on BIS.

These two security apps are great and i have tried them out. Am currently using both.
More of these reliable apps will be added as i test them out, so check back from time to time for more info.

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