How to Enable Twitter's Two-Step Verification Login Process
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How to Enable Twitter's Two-Step Verification Login Process

In the wake of recurrent breaches of numerous Twitter accounts, Twitter have decided to initiate a two-step verification process where a user is required to fill in his or her password along with a random generated temporal code.

Once this code and password is correctly entered, user is presented with his/her page and can continue using Twitter, otherwise, access is denied even if the password is correct without the code being correct.

While this verification process isn't enabled by default, users are able to enable it by clicking on the wheel icon on the top-right side of the page and click on Settings, scroll down the page and check the box Account Security to enable this feature as shown in the images below.

With this new feature, Twitter is fighting hard to reduce or eliminate the ease at which hackers gain access to users' accounts which is a highly welcomed development.

There is a possibility that new Twitter app updates will show up soon to give users ability to also enable this two-step verification from the smartphone app.

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