Don't Update To iOS 7 Blindly: Consider This Before You Do
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Don't Update To iOS 7 Blindly: Consider This Before You Do

In matter of hours (10am Cupertino time), Apple will publicly release iOS 7 into the wild for the whole Apple fans in the world to download.

Of course there are some folks that really want to get their hands on this new firmware and try out to see for themselves while some already know what it looks like and don't want to be a part of Ive's colour book.

What is most important is that, just like any other new Apple firmware, updating your device to it may leave behind unpleasant situations.

Therefore, Its important you consider the following before you update to iOS 7

1. Updating to iOS 7 will erase your device if you didn't back up you contacts and all other stuffs

2. Updating your device to iOS 7 will change your device's baseband. Consequently, if you rely on Gevey unlock especially iPhone 4 folks, you won't be able to unlock your phone's network. Therefore make sure you device is factory unlocked before you jailbreak or you have authorised SIM card.

3. For those with jailbroken devices and want to maintain that jailbreak state, updating your device to iOS 7 will wipe your device along with the jailbreak. You will lose your jailbreak.

4. Finally, there is no jailbreak for iOS 7 and we don't know how possible is it to downgrade once Apple releases iOS 7 today.

So, before you do your upgrade, make sure you have a factory unlocked iPhone that do not require Gevey to unlock and make sure that you do not depend on some apps gotten via Cydia. 

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