Real Racing 3 Unlimited Money and Gold Hack
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Real Racing 3 Unlimited Money and Gold Hack

One of my favourite games on my Android phone is Real Racing 3.  It's a well made game that would appeal to lovers of racing games. 

However how good this game is, I have one challenge which is that one earns to little money and gold to enjoy game play for 1 hour on a stretch. In fact, some cars out of the option because you may never get that gold or money to buy them. 

This is where this guide comes in.  Just follow the guide below and should be able to have unlimited money and gold for your Real Racing 3 game for Android devices.

You would lose your previous profile and game will begin as new if you don't back up your data to the cloud. 

Step 1
Download the hack from here. It's a zipped file

Step 2
Extract zipped file and you will see a doc folder

Step 3
Copy doc folder and place in Android/data/ folder. 

Step 4
Override the initial doc file that is there or cut it out from it and replace with the new doc folder. Don't delete the old doc file in case you want to play your old profile. 

Step 5
You can clear your cache and then start Real Racing 3 game, you would notice that your money and gold is awesomely huge. 

Step 6
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