New Infinix X507 (aka HOT) Smartphone Specifications Released
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New Infinix X507 (aka HOT) Smartphone Specifications Released

Infinix Mobility is doing well in the smartphone industry in Nigeria and some other parts of the world. The recent Infinix Zero was well received and a success as far as sales in concerned. 

Well, a new smartphone would be released by Infinix Mobility soon and according to rumors, it will be as good as the Infinix Zero with a better battery life.

This soon-to-be-released smartphone is known as the Infinix Hot aka Infinix X507.

The Infinix Hot is expected to have the following specifications:

Other features to be included on the smartphone are FM Radio capability, eBook reader, and other pre-installed apps.

The smartphone is scheduled to be launch tomorrow, 14th of November at the Protea Hotel Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

the said phone is designed for "youths with colourful textures and CMF". We shall be bringing you more pictures before and after its finally launched.

From the specs of this Infinix Hot smartphone, it is evident that it is meant to be a budget phone with a low price tag associated with it. Currently,  no word on price tag but you are more than welcomed to specify the price at which you think Infinix should sell this phone.

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