How To Root Tecno Phantom A (Tecno F7)
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How To Root Tecno Phantom A (Tecno F7)

There are no limit to the possibilities one can achieve on a rooted Android device compared to one that isn't rooted. As you know, Rooting is to Androin as Jailbreak is to iOS.

For those that don't know what rooting means, a little definition will suffice. Rooting basically means that you install a set of programs on your phone that gives you total control over your device. Total control means that you have the right to install any applications or even delete core applications that you don't want.

 Simply put, you have administrative rights over your device, giving  you super user access, and of course, you can use DroidVPN to have free unlimited internet.

The guide below shows how you can root Tecno Phantom A also known as Tecno F7 and its super easy to achieve. Don't forget to like us on Facebook.

1. Computer with internet connection
2. PdaNet+ V4.12 zipped file
3. eroot_v1.3.3 zipped file
4. USB to connect your device to the computer
5. Backup your phone data just in case. 
6. For some that couldn't get drivers for their Tecno F7, you can install Mobilego

1. Rooting your phone voids your warranty
2. Anything that happens while rooting your device is on you. You are doing it at your own risk
3. There are softwares to unroot your phone if you don't want the rooting option again.

1. Connect your Tecno F7 to the computer

2. Download PdaNet+ V4.12 and eroot_v1.3.3 to your desktop and unpack in a folder called Rooting.

3. Install the PdaNet+ V4.12 as shown in the image below.
4. If you have already installed the driver of your F7 in the computer before at one time, you can choose No in the dialogue box shown to you otherwise, select Yes

A box would show up asking you to either Skip or Cancel Installation. Leave it and move to the next step

5. Next you need to enable debugging mode on your phone. To do this, go to Settings, scroll to Developer Option, tap on it and then select USB debugging, click OK at the prompt and then exit.

6.  Once your device is detected by the computer and its in USB debug mode, a pop-up would show up to install a software from June Fabrics Technology. Click Install and let it finish its installation which would take place on your device too.

7. Run the eroot you downloaded earlier, it would display in Chinese, don't worry.

8. It would detect your device and then you will see the big bold Root menu. Click on Root and you would be rooted in no time.

9. Disconnect the USB connection,now locate you Phone menu, You will be able to Find a New Application Installed on your Phone with name ?Superuser'.

10. Reboot your Tecno F7 and you will be good to go with a rooted Tecno Phantom A smartphone.

Guys, I hope you find this information useful. I have tried it and my Tecno F7 is rooted. Give it a try and enjoy the limitless possibilities of rooting. 

Don't forget to share your success stories for others to read and learn from your mistakes if you had one.

Also, give full info if its not working for you. Don't just say "its not working". Give details. 

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