How To Root Infinix Alpha aka X570 Sharply
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How To Root Infinix Alpha aka X570 Sharply

Infinix Alpha also known as Infinix X570 is the latest Infinix product in the block, you can see a Video review here. Its a 5.7" screen phablet with stunning colourful display. 

Like  almost every Android person I know, ability to root and ease of rooting an Android phone forms one of the reasons to buy an Android phone and Infinix Alpha didn't disappoint in this regard.

If you already had the drivers to phones like Tecno N7, F7 or N9 installed on your computer already, then rooting this Infinix X570 should be super easy just like mine. However, if you haven't gotten the drivers of aforementioned devices on your computer, no sweat, just connect your device to your computer and let Windows Update download and install the drivers. Once that is done, follow the instructions below.

If you have a problem installing drivers for your device, follow this link to know how to get drivers

Needed Items
1. eRoot
2. Computer 


1. Put your device in Developer Mode by going to settings/Developer Option. Check the USB debugging box and then launch eroot you downloaded.

2. Wait for it to detect your device and then click on the bold green Root button.

3. In less than 10 seconds, you are rooted and ready to enjoy the benefits of a rooted android phone.

To confirm if your phone is rooted, go to your phone home screen and look for the Superuser app as seen in the image below.

If you feel like unrooting your device after sometime or you believe that rooting is causing your phone some troubles, follow this link to unroot without stress.

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