How To Know Which Apps Are Consuming Your iPhone's Battery - How To Stop Them
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How To Know Which Apps Are Consuming Your iPhone's Battery - How To Stop Them

Recently, many iPhone users are complaining bitterly about how their iPhone battery run low within a very short period. If, like every single iPhone user in the world, you also find your phone's battery running low sooner than you would like it to, then iOS9 gives you a way to make it last longer. Most of the apps consumes battery like a hungry dog. And it's obvious that facebook takes the lead.

If you want to know which apps or parts of your phone that are eating up your battery, then all you need to do is go to Settings>Battery, and wait for the battery information to come up. No doubt, as mentioned earlier you'll probably see that Facebook uses the most battery, even if you're not always on it.

The company's come under fire for the sheer amount of power their app uses up, with tech journalist Federico Viticci saying: "The fact that a company the size of Facebook can't optimise the energy consumption of their iOS app is simply ridiculous." LOL......  Although, the claim is that facebook wants to keep you up to date, so it refreshes in the background a lot, so, you may get notifications in a matter of seconds. However, its autoplaying videos also put a strain on the battery, meaning the app can use up a lot of power even if it hasn't been on your screen that much.

In addition to Facebook, many other apps - such as news apps, weather apps and/or other social media platforms also drain battery a lot.

What Can You Do? 
In order to make your battery last longer, you may need to turn Low Power Mode on. Besides this, it turns background app refresh off, meaning the constant updating doesn't eat up your battery or data.

However, by stopping background App Refresh, messaging or mail apps can be delayed. You might not mind missing yet another Facebook notification, but you'll probably want to keep up with your emails and WhatsApp messages.

To tailor which apps refresh, you need to go to Settings>General>Background App Refresh. Using the switches, you can choose which apps refresh in the background - so you might possibly want to turn Facebook off, but keep Snapchat and Gmail on, so you won't miss important mails.

The new iOS9 battery features are basically the same as what Android phones have been doing for years. Nonetheless, it's a nice feature, and you'll feel grateful for the few extra hours of battery life the customisation gives you.

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