How To Get Substitute Credit Card Number For Certain Online Activities
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How To Get Substitute Credit Card Number For Certain Online Activities

There are so many online activities that require one to enter personal credit card details before one can register or try out a certain service. 

The thing is putting up credit card information into these websites may and may not cause harm. Some websites even want you to  put in Credit Card information before you can sign up even when money is not going to be actually deducted.

Therefore, there is a need for a make-believe Credit Card Numbers just to  bypass this need by the website. This being said, it is also better to be cautious not to fall victim for a non-trusting website that may use  the Credit Card information to defraud.

Well, the trouble is already sorted with this application called GetCreditCardNumbers.

GetCreditCardNumbers come to the rescue by generating fake Credit Card number that are identical to the real thing in terms of expiry date, card type etc.

Honestly, this is a good way to avoid being a victim of Credit Card theft by one ridiculous website as you can now easily generate a fake Credit Card to use.

The numbers are still fake though, meaning that no account or money is tied to the numbers. This means that if the target website go ahead to verify the card, it would come back empty and therefore null & void. However, the good part is that it helps to reduce card fraud in a way and can be downloaded on your Android phone for free. 

You can get GetCreditCardNumbers for Android phone from here or head over to their website here to download multiple Credit Card numbers

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via: Redmondpie 

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