How To Browse The Internet Without WiFi, 3G or Egde On Android
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How To Browse The Internet Without WiFi, 3G or Egde On Android

There are developers trying very hard pushing the boundaries and narrowing the the gap of what is possible and what is not.

One of such developers are the makers of this Android app called Be-Bound: Save Your Data Plan which allows one to connect to the internet without a 3G network, WiFi or subscription to any Internet data.

This app makes use of SMS connectivity protocol to connect you through the internet.
You would be charged the standard SMS fee and a little Be-Miles coins everytime you make a request to the internet

For network that gives unlimited SMS to their customers, it would be awesome to have such app but for those that don't the app may only be used at dire moments. 

At first registration, you get a certain amount of Be-Miles for free to get you started.

One of the key features of this app is that you can check your mails, twitter, Facebook etc, however, will it be cheaper in some countries where SMS rates are high and considering  that you still have to buy Be-miles coins for like $7?

Well, there is hope for this app provided they listen to users and refine the app to be compatible with multiple devices and with other telecoms networks in different countries.

Download Be-Bound from this link if you are interested in the app.

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