Airtel Now Blocking BIS For Non BB Phones In Phases
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Airtel Now Blocking BIS For Non BB Phones In Phases

1st of December, Airtel announced to its subscribers that her BIS packages working on non BB phones would be blocked and disabled on the 2nd of December.

Well, it does seem that Airtel have started blocking the BIS for non BB phones today. This is being carried out in phases.

Airtel started disabling the ability for one to browse on non BB phones using BIS subscription at 6:20am today as reported by a number of people.

Already, some users can't connect to the internet anymore. However, some can still connect to the internet using the BIS package. This only suggest that in matters of time, everyone using such package on a non BB phone will be unable to access the internet except the SIM is put in a BlackBerry device.

Many questions have been put forward, but the one that is most frequently asked is that;

Will my subscription just end like that even if i still have days to go?

The answer to that is that, your subscription won't end. The BIS package will still be active but will only work when  the SIM is inserted into a BlackBerry phone.

Also, we do not know if the ability to share the internet on a BlackBerry phone through Hotspot would be disabled just like MTN, GLO and Etisalat are doing...we hope not though.

Guys are already planning to subscribe to their other network plans for internet services. 

Is this a good business idea from Airtel? Although other networks in Nigeria have no profit problem by not allowing their BIS package to work for non BB phones. But for Airtel, only time will tell how well this decision was.

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