How To Browse For Free With MTN Using Psiphon HUI
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How To Browse For Free With MTN Using Psiphon HUI

Browsing with the fastest and cheapest network today can be difficult, especially with the huge charges by different network providers in Nigeria. Because of this, many softwares have been developed by software developer to aid the browsing experience. Some of these softwares include Simple server, Driod VPN, IMEI changer and many more, which you can use and experience no/low charges. These are just some ways you can browse without being charged heavily by network providers.

Now, I want to take you through some simple tutorial and steps on how you can browse with mtn using Psiphon 82 HUI on your Android phone.

What is Psiphon 82  HUI?
Psiphon 82 HUI is an APK file that works only on Android phones/tablets. It is a tool designed to access the Internet through a secure network called VPN. I believe you understand how Psiphon works now.
Let's go to the first step:

1. Download and install Psiphon 82 HUI on your phone or tablet. 

2. Go to your phone settings > network > APN and set new APN using the following proxy and port address, then save it.

                     Port : 8080

3. Go to Psiphon 82 HUI you downloaded and configure it like this: (see the screen shot below
Proxy type - Real host 
Proxy server -
Real proxy type - HTTP
Real proxy server - 
Real proxy Port - 8080 
leave the following area and save. 

4. Swipe to the next part and select region, choose United States.  

5. Click on more options and set it as shown below :

Connect through an HTTP - mark it 
Use the following settings - mark it 
Host address - 
Port - 8080 

6. Click back since the changes are saved automatically, then click start and wait for it to connect. 

You can now browse and enjoy your Internet connection. 

If you encounter any problem to configure or connect it, or you have any comment, please use the comment box below and I'll get back to you asap.... 

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