Blackberry Tips and Shorcut
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Blackberry Tips and Shorcut

For me, shortcut combination on PC is something I use a lot. Most smartphones don't have this feature to allow you get things done fast or type fast using abbreviated text. The blackberry is an exception to this because it contains huge amount of shortcut codes and combinations.
You can access safe mode etc.
Below is a small list of the shortcut combination for the Blackberry device.
SPECIAL CODES: To be done at the home screen
1. Hard reset without removing battery = press & hold 'alt+right aA' then press 'del
2. Displays phone properties and vital OS information = press & hold 'alt+left aA' then press 'del'
3. Displays log files = press & hold 'alt' then press lglg
SPECIAL CODES: To be done in a text editor
1. Displays device pin = mypin
2. Displays device time = lt
3. Displays device model & OS version = myver
4. Displays day, date & year = ld
5. Go to "Options", click on "Device", click on "Device and Status Information", type "test"
Test of virtually all hardware components and software can be carried out here.
Go to Options>Typing & Language>Word substitution
Here you can create your own abbreviations and shortcuts
This feature can also be accessed from any text editor. Just click menu and then Edit AutoText

when trying to add an email address using '@' sign can be achieved by clicking the space bar. Also a full stop can be achieved by using the same key.

instead of going through the hassle of using he menu key to select text, hold 'alt' and then press the track pad will begin the selection process. By scrolling in any direction, your text will be selected

While browsing, the following alphabets can be used to perform various functions.
I = zoom in
O = zoom out
G = move to a specific web page
H = go to home page
J = enable Java Script
A= add a bookmark
Y = view recently visited web pages
R = refresh web page
Z = resize web page to fit screen
F = find a word or sentence in a web page

at the home screen, press & hold any letter to assign a contact to that letter. Select the contact you want to call with that letter
You can assign a letter to launch an application or use convenient key to launch apps.

All these tips have been tested and work for Blackberry devices that have physical keyboards.
So shortcut combinations may not work on touch screen keyboards.

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