Blackberry Company Crumbles and Soon To Be Sold
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Blackberry Company Crumbles and Soon To Be Sold

BlackBerry is on the verge of losing it, Oh BlackBerry, I so love you and don't want  your name to go into the bin like some have. Research In Motion, you failed to keep researching and developing, you ignored your former name and ended up in a messy state.

Lately, the news of Blackberry going private have permeate the web and although at first it sounded as a baseless rumour, but as the days unfolds, it became clear that BlackBerry is heading to that direction and it may eventually be sold or go private.

The truth is, BlackBerry is seriously struggling due to the competition it faces from giants like Android devices and Apple devices and the media isn't helping matters. BlackBerry was too comfortable with what it had years back and have failed to implement new strategies and also read the movements of technology advancements.

BlackBerry have released their new line of devices, all together called BlackBerry 10 but this should have happened years back when the capabilities of smartphones are skyrocketing dramatically.

Failure to have followed trends in the smartphone industry have landed BlackBerry into these mess where its even begging for it to be purchased. The option that have been proposed so far is either a merger or total sell out.

Fans of BlackBerry devices are not happy at all and want the Brand to stand up and fight the good fight. 

Look at a fan's reaction  by the name currentodysseyswhich was extracted from Crackberry

The way things are going in the stock market for the company IMO BB is on the fence of shareholders potentially pressing at some point towards liquidating some of the assets (be it patents, tech etc) looking for more profits and a last minute bale out of a stock that is in problem at the moment.
Another take (not saying this is the case but certainly a possibility in my eyes), if the company goes private it gains total control, in order to be able to make the necessary moves and at least be able to give it a shot without the stock market and media bashing. It would be a potential strategic choice to go private with that kind of mentality.
Nonetheless, going private is not a reassurance of the company not being broken up but personally I believe it is better than being in the stock market at this point if BB is to have some room to make some serious moves.
What the direction would be and how it would play out is something that remains to be seen. I believe that BB10 is a quite strong and viable OS to have and this along with QNX is appealing as a tech to own. I do not pretend to know or be able to deduct what is in the oven, but I for one believe that going private is a one way street at this point, given the reactions in the public forum.
It may as well be that this was the intention all along. Be it what it may, I do seriously believe in BB10 being one of the best OSs out there today and certainly will keep using my Z10. Especially 10.2 is a very polished and nice OS and serves me greatly.
I would love to see the platform and OS keep being around and get stronger and I can only but hope that if any fund or private entity buys out the company, continue on delivering and developing this further in a better and more effective way in terms of branding and market expansion.
I have my pop corn and my soda and watching the news on my Z10 closely!
hope a better day comes for BB out of all this.

To be sincere, the releasing of BBM to do other platform may cripple the company further but that may be the only thing that would stand the test of time - cos, everyone knows BBM is the best messaging app out there

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