BBM For Android and iPhone Will Launch Within Days
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BBM For Android and iPhone Will Launch Within Days

It wasn't too long ago that BlackBerry released a open heartfelt letter to its customers stating why they should stick with them and not give up on BlackBerry. Part of that letter also made mention of BBM for Android and iPhone which means that commitment is still high in that area.

To further buttress this, BlackBerry's CMO, Frank Boulben spoke with Reuters and said that as a matter of fact, BlackBerry Messenger will be coming to Android and iPhone for real this time in matters of days.

Its not clear how many days we are talking about here especially considering that the first launch which happened 3 weeks ago was a mess.

However, Frank Boulben says that he's confident that BlackBerry was able to address the issue that plagued the initial launch.

What does this suggest? Well, it just means that very soon, BBM on Android and iPhone will be a reality for everyone soon enough.

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