Apple Watch is now available in India - November 6.
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Apple Watch is now available in India - November 6.

Apple watch, which was launched and now available in many countries in Europe and the US will now be available in India from November 6. It has been speculated that the Apple watch is a combination of WiFi and the use of the M8 motion co-processor.

The Apple Watch contains a built-in mic and speaker, which can be used to conduct various activities like dictating emails and instructing Siri. Apple watch and Apple watch edition comes with Sapphire crystal, which helps to protect the screen and sports version has a strengthened lon-X glass on the screen. Not so with the Apple Watch app. Since it doens?t have Global Positioning System, Runkeeper can?t show a map of the path you took or elevation data when you run without your phone.

The Apple Watch is only available in a small handful of third-party retailers, but added to that list is Target, where the Apple Watch is now available to purchase, both online and in stores. This time the delay seems to be due to the confusion whether to launch the watch in a jewellery store or multi brand store as there is no official Apple store in India.

Currently, the Apple Watch relies heavily on a tethered iPhone for nearly everything.

Most likely the prices will be much higher, once we weigh in the import duty and local taxes, and, as it was the case with the new iPhones, Apple increased price in order to ensure parity with United States pricing.

The device features a rectangular form factor.

Nextbit has its own OS running on top of Android and is created to learn your habits. But there is a glitch as well. But the company is adamant its 40-million-strong army of users won?t be disappointed.

It is up for pre-order on its Kickstarter page. ?This is for all of you who have been saying since 2008 (Runkeeper?s birth year) that you?d love to track your runs but can?t imagine running with a phone?. India will mark Apple?s tenth tier of countries.

Prices increase with more complicated bands such as the Leather Loop and the Milanese Loop. Apple watch is expected to be priced above Rs. 25,000 in India.


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