Infinix Zero 3 Full Details
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Infinix Zero 3 Full Details

Infinix finally took the wraps off their latest flagship device, the Infinix Zero 3 with model number X552 on December 15, 2015. We have seen the device in all its glory and we know for a fact that this is a great device. Below we will give you a full breakdown of the smartphone and what you should expect when you finally buy yours.

Dimensions and Design
If you have been following the releases of Infinix devices from the Zero 1, you will note that every Zero series is very sleek, thin and quite very light. The same can be said of the Infinix Zero 3. Infinix Zero 3 is slightly thicker and wider than its predecessor as it measures 154 x 76.7 x 7.85 mm. There is more screen estate given to the X552 compared to X509. 
As for design, we get the same rectangle shaped smartphone with sharp edges, the back flushes well to the entire body and when placed on a flat surface it stays flat to the surface. Overall, Infinix ZERO3 is a sleek yet durable device crafted with premium diamond feeling material to glamorize life?s experience...a phone you will enjoy holding in hand.

Network and SIM
One thing that we are thrilled to hear is that the Infinix X552 has a 4G LTE network technology alongside the HSPA+ technology. This means that the device can function in most European and North American countries. Network bands are 800/850/900/1800/1900 and 2100 MHz 
As usual, we have a dual SIM device that operate simultaneously. Both SIM slots can operate on the 2G network however, only SIM 1 operate on the 3G, 3.75G and 4G LTE networks.

Display and Resolution
Infinix Zero 3 comes with an amazing 5.5 inch IPS display. The display has a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 tempered on it so that it can protect the screen from breakage when dropped. 
One thing we love about this device is that it displays 4K videos clearly without hiccups, thanks to Infinix bumping the resolution of the device to 1920 x 1240, a whopping 400 PPI - now that's what we talking about! A full HD display.

One of the selling points of the Infinix Zero 3 is the camera. The camera is designed by Sony. Hence the Infinix Zero 3 has a 20.7 megapixel rear camera with a SONY Exmor R? IMX230 sensor which helps superior focus tracking of fast-moving objects; In fact it sports 192 point auto-focus and support 4K video. The HDR mode provides 8 different filters to let pictures addicts modify their pictures to their taste without any third-party software. The device also has a dual LED light so that pictures that are taken in low light conditions looks even great. If you are in for a great smartphone with excellent camera, the Infinix Zero 3 is what you definitely need.
The device also has a front 5.0 MP camera that can also shoot 2K video so that video calls experience is topnotch.

Better experiences start with powerful chipset (HELIO X10 +4G). Infinix Mobility chooses to boost its phone performance with high end specs. Infinix and Mediatek teamed up to deliver the very first device entering Nigeria market with HELIO X10 chipset. With Mediatek HELIO X10, ZERO3 offers great performance in terms of multimedia usage and connectivity. The chipset used by ZERO3 is a 64-bit True Octa-core? with speed of up to 2.2GHz and support 2K display. The high-performance satisfies the multi-media requirements of the most demanding users, featuring multi-media subsystems that support for 120Hz displays and the capability to create playback @ 480 frames per second (fps) 1080p Full HD Super-Slow Motion videos. 
For those that have a great UHD TV, videos shot on the Infinix Zero will look extremely sharp and clear.

Operating System
In case you are thinking of android KitKat like we had on the previous Zero 2, well we will like to tell you that the Infinix Zero 3 will come with a much newer operating system, Android Lollipop 5.1 with the ability to upgrade to 6.0 in the future. Also to make the Zero 3 experience more pleasant, Infinix Mobility developed a new user interface call XUI--Slim which is beautiful and fast; Infinix ZERO3 XUI offers a series of features such as different themes and wallpapers, system management, font manager and magazine lock screen, XUI is also energy efficient.
According to Bruno Li, Infinix Mobility country Manager ?Infinix Mobility is not only a hardware manufacturer; we are delivering richer experience by developing software solutions for our users. It?s important for our users to experience something new, XUI provides customized software with regular system updates.?

Storage and RAM
As our devices get more sophisticated and the camera becomes more powerful, internal storage space on smartphones has to increase to rise to the challenge. Infinix didn't lose sight of this and have decided to make the X552 come with minimum of 16GB and there will be 32GB option for those that want more memory. There's also an option to further increase the memory through a MicroSD card slot which supports up to 128GB of memory.
Furthermore, to make sure that tasks gets done fast enough, the Infinix Zero 3 comes with a 3GB RAM.

Again, Infinix did not disappoint in this department at all. With such powerhouse, we looked forward to a smartphone with great battery life and that is what we got with the Infinix Zero 3. It comes with 3030 mAh battery life that will last a full day for basic to above basic users. Also, battery managing software which came with the device helps in making sure you get the best out of the device.

In the sensors department, we have the usual suspects, Gyrometer, Proximity and light sensor. The device also has the Bluetooth v4.1, WiFi, WiFi Hotspot, micro USB OTG and a 3.5 mm earphone port for connectivity sake. Other features include, gesture control, FM Radio, and popular Google Apps already pre-installed

Infinix Zero 3 will be available in January and will be selling between N46,000 - N48,000 depending on the store of purchase. 

For a smartphone with such grand features and design, we believe that this would be a great buy for most android users. Personally, we give it a rating of 8.5/10 especially for the price it is being offered. It won't be long before we start seeing Infinix devices with fingerprint sensors and othe bells and whistles that Samsung smartphone boasts of.

In conclusion, this is a great piece of device and we can not wait to give you guys and extended video review. Till then stay tune and don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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