Bluetooth Powered Smart Shoe Unveiled
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Bluetooth Powered Smart Shoe Unveiled

We are in a world of smart-everything. Smartphone, smart watch, smart car, smart TV, smart glass etc but now a new company based in India is introducing the smart shoe. 

The purpose of the smart shoe according to the Indian based company, Lechal, is to track movement and also to give directions without depending on your smartphone. Hence, you don't have to hit an obstacle or pass a traffic light because you are trying to read the map on your smartphone - keeping your eye off the road. 

Unlike the smart watch which stays on your wrist and connected to your smartphone all the time, the smart shoe want to do away with connecting to your smartphone all the time. 

To achieve this, the smart shoe can be paired with the smartphone and then directions or maps for the intended destination can be pre-programmed into the shoe. Once this is done, smart shoe can be disconnected from phone and then the shoe can give directions offline. 

To give directions, Lechal says that if one is to turn right, the right foot will slightly vibrate and if one is to turn left, the left foot will vibrate slightly. When you arrive at destination, both feet will vibrate twice.

Other actions that can be performed by this smart shoe is count number of steps taken to a place and track accurate location.

Although from the commercial, it looks like the company has a dedicated smart show and a foot mat (insoles) that can be purchased solely and then placed inside a regular shoe.

This smart shoe is expected to be available in September and will be in the same price range as other fitness and tracking smart devices.

What do you think about this? What is the next smart thing that can be invented? A smart spermertozoa? Drop your comments. 

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